Surviving as EventPreneurs in COVID Times

Surviving As EventPreneurs In Covid Times

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Surviving as an Entrepreneur Event Planner in the era of Covid-19 certainly presented the ultimate challenge. It has pushed limits, mentally, physically and emotionally. As Event Planners, we have trained for moments like these… those unexpected situations and the ultimate levels of stress. But nothing could prepare us for a worldwide pandemic and the long-term effects on our beloved industry.

How to survive it? “Pivot, shift, adapt” they say. But what does that look like in an industry shackled by government restrictions for the foreseeable future and huge uncertainty? The thought of working to re-build our businesses again felt hopeless, and daunting.

We were at a crossroads where ideas and vision needed to re-focus on what was a realistic path for a very different looking event industry, now and in the future. We became certified as Digital Event Strategists and we truly embraced digital events for what they are – strategic planning and, ensuring that your clients’ event align and enhance the goals of their organization.

The Eventfluent story. We (Mireille Faucon and Nichol Turner) met through the Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners (CanSPEP). From there, we came together to work on a digital event which gave us the chance to get to know each other and we realized what a powerful duo we formed. It was a combined passion for our industry and the need to survive that brought the ultimate conversation. “Let’s start a business focused on planning virtual and hybrid events”.

Collaboration, Teamwork and Evolution. That’s when we realized, how you do business needs to change. To survive this era, it was time for a new approach. Collaboration and teamwork evolved into a new company – Eventfluent – Virtual Event Planners. (

In the past, both Mireille and Nichol individually lead their own event planning companies which has brought them to the level of expertise they own today. With Nichol’s eye for creativity and Mireille’s organization finesse, two extremely accomplished event planners joined forces to revitalize and transform the world of virtual event experiences through Eventfluent.

As female entrepreneurs, one of our goals is to show women that creating a successful company is possible. Simultaneously, with technology on the rise, it is time for formats to change, which is why Eventfluent is tech savvy and embraces digital tools to use them to engage audiences.

It’s been a tough year for event professionals. We recognize that it is not going to be an easy industry recovery. But we are excited again and positive for what the future holds. We hope we can inspire you with our forward-thinking approach.

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