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Have you had disappointing results from a previous event? Do you want an effective strategy for your corporate meetings? Have you planned a conference budget and ended up over-spending? Are you looking to increase your overall event impact?


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“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Mireille and Nichol met through the Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners (CanSPEP). From there, they came together to work on a digital event which gave them a chance to get to know each other and realize what a powerful duo they formed when it comes to planning events. In the past, both founders individually lead their own event planning companies which has brought them to the level of expertise they own today. With Nichol’s eye for creativity and Mireille’s organization finesse, two extremely accomplished event planners joined forces to revitalize and transform the world of virtual event experiences through Eventfluent.

Mireille and Nichol’s passion for planning is why they strive to better adapt to the evolving event industry. Their client focused approach delivers successful professional gatherings that attendees will remember. As female entrepreneurs, one of their goals is to show young women that creating a successful company is possible. Simultaneously, with technology on the rise, it is time for formats to change, which is why Eventfluent is tech savvy and embraces digital tools to use them to engage audiences.

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Mireille Faucon, DES

DES Certified

Member of CanSPEP

Ottawa, Ontario

Nichol Turner, DES

DES Certified 

Member of CanSPEP

Calgary, Alberta

What is DES?
DES is a Digital Event Strategist Certification offered by the Professional Convention Management Association

It provides event industry professionals with field leading tools to plan, produce and measure digital events from start to finish. Certified candidates will also gain superior knowledge on how to monetize digital events and evaluate and choose the most sophisticated tech solutions.

What is CanSPEP?
CanSpep is the Canadian Society of Professional Event Planners

It’s a dynamic, diverse and innovative society of entrepreneurial Event Professionals with a leading national voice in the event industry. They offer exclusive industry insights and resources for entrepreneurs to tap into.

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